Lyrics and music John Lennon / Paul McCartney


« It is, among the songs I’ve written, the most successful. It’s unbelievable that it came to me in a dream. That’s why I don’t pretend to know anything. I think that music is something quite mystical. We can hear people say : « I am only a vehicle, it goes through me. » Well, you are fairly lucky when something of the kind goes through you. » Paul McCartney


The song was recorded on 14 June 1965.

This record-breaking song is the most broadcast song on the American radios (played more than 7 million times…), which represents almost 25 years of non-stop listening if you play them end-to-end. Yesterday is also the most covered song in history, before Something by George Harrison and My Way, whose original French name is Comme d’habitude.

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