How about giving songs

as a present ?

Flowers ? Chocolates ? A bottle of perfume ? And why not songs ?

Les Voix Animées present a catalogue of music videos, a bouquet of songs that you can arrange yourself and give to your family and friends as a gift on all occasions.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or simply for the pleasure of giving : every day is a good moment to let the ones that we love know that we think about them, with a song !

The concept

of songs

The concept of bouquet of songs

Since Les Voix Animées started singing together, they have been feeling how much the public liked rediscovering some popular songs in an a cappella version.

These songs, adapted for their voices in a polyphony, without any instruments, can be moving, surprising, playful, uplifting ! The idea of making some videos out of these songs came from the present separation from the public and the lack of live music!

And today, Les Voix Animées are very happy to give you the opportunity to create your own « bouquet of songs » for the people you love.
An innovative alternative which changes from the traditional gifts ans greetings cards, and which is also a way to support an original artistic initiative in a period during which concerts are rare!

it works

a customized musical gift

Create your bouquet for the person of your choice by selecting 1, 2, 3 songs or more among a varied musical catalogue which will be enriched with new songs as the months go by : French chansons, songs in English, vintage songs, often from the 1960’s, either joyful, colourful, with touches of nostalgia or bits of humour.

Once your choice is made, click on the song, then write your personal message.

Just like a bunch of flowers, this musical gift is ephemeral : the recipient will get 10 clicks to enjoy the present.

Don’t hesitate to inform the person that you are sending him/her a gift by e-mail, or to check that the “bouquet of songs” was properly received*.

We hope with all our heart that these songs, together with your thoughts, will make the people you love very happy.

* It may happen that the e-mail gets to the spam folder…

How bouquet of songs work


animated songs


Over the Rainbow

Dans la vie faut pas s'en faire

Amazing Grace

Joyeux Anniversaire

La Bicyclette

La Valse à Mille Temps

Jingle bells

Ya d'la joie

Green sleeves

Le Poinçonneur des Lilas

Yellow submarine

Les grands boulevards


Back in the USSR

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